Jonathan Brun

Good interview about the Loblaw’s Green Bag Initiative

Pretty good interview outlining the project, benefits and pitfalls. I
have one or two of these bags and they are indeed very practical for
many things, not just groceries. It’s all about branding without the
logo. This project has helped brand Loblaw’s as the green grocer in
Canada, interesting to see how they fare in the future. They seem to
have many other – arguable more important – problems with their

Anyways, article is here:

Published on September 1, 2007

Circle of Life

I just graduated from engineering and am looking into getting into sustainability. The best website and company I have ever seen in this regard is Interface’s, which is a leader in the field. Their website can be found here:

I also found a website that carries informaiton about many different people in the field ranging from peace groups to microbiologists:

There is no doubt in my mind that sustainablity and capitalism go hand-in-hand. Yes, you can make short-term gains by polluting. But it is in your interest to mimick nature by being efficient, versatile, recyclable and inclusive. You save money by not wasting resources, every piece of paper has value. All matter, ideas and time represents energy and energy is the purest form of wealth. I will build on this idea in my next article. I have to go watch the world cup.

Published on June 30, 2006