Jonathan Brun

Israel, again.

I was not planning on writing about Israel, but who knew they would be so ridiculous this week. First came the report that they are deporting 400 children born in Israel of Palestinian parents. The justification? Zionism. Seriously, the cabinet publicly claimed that they were deporting these children to ensure the preservation of the Jewish nature of the state of Israel. This is despite a public appeal by the wife of the Prime Minister. In pretty much every other developed country in the world, if you are born there, you are given citizenship. Guess not in Israel.

The second impressive story, that is more noteworthy for its potential impact, is the soldier who posted a group photo of herself and some Palestinian friends (who happen to be handcuffed and blindfolded in front of a cement barrier). Lovely photo.

Nothing more to say really.

Published on August 16, 2010