Think Different, Think Better

Pooling ideas from multiple disciplines and creating a coherent picture is at the heart of genuine progress. The greatest contributers are often people working outside their apparent expertise – Einstein, Ghandi, MLK, Yunnus, Picasso, and all the ones who never made it through school, Hughes, Gates, Jobs….

Hence the renaming of my blog to “The Beekeeper”, which hopefully expresses my fascination with gathering thoughts from a wide spectrum of the human collective à la Tipping Point, Gun’s Germs and Steel, and Freakonomics. The TED conference (, which gathers luminaries from all fields to share big – nay I say huge – ideas, is one of my favorite sources of information.

However, going against the societal grain often means being wrong for extended periods of time and being ostracized. And the difference between a loon and a genius is simply success as demonstrated here: Here

A favorite childhood bedroom poster of mine stated, “Beaten paths are for beaten men”.

Published on August 12, 2007