Snobs in China

Ok, this dude John Pasden has probably the best blog I have seen in terms of updates and variety of material. He may not talk about many serious topics or go in depth, but his postings are usually pretty interesting. He recently did a little bit on China Snobs and I particularly enjoyed it. I tried to post a comment but I think it was shot down.

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My Comment:

Well, I am probably a bunch of the various snobs. I don’t teach English (and have turned down part time work for it), I speak basic Chinese and have a tendency to correct people who speak any less than me, I do not hesitate to point out to Chinese that they are doing something “wrong” like skipping in line, picking their nose or letting their kid pee on the street. In fact I am so intolerant of line skipping if I see someone doing it, I will scream at them and perhaps body check them into the glass ticket booth at the subway station, quite amusing, I assure you.

If that makes me a jaded westerner, than so be it. I will not say that China needs to become more like the west to be successful, and certainly not more like the United States; they need to find a comfortable balance between democracy, capitalism, socialism and “chinesism”. Much like what Japan and Korea have done. I love many things about China, but some things will have to change. Japan and Korea have such high standard of livings (in relation to other Asian countries) because they reformed their military, banking, government and other agencies with a tremendous amount of western input; yet they managed to maintain their culture and identity. And that horseshit about living in the “real” china and not in a large center is just that, horseshit. Is living in Tokyo not living in “real” Japan? Squalor does not mean authenticity.

Oh and by the way, I love going to Bars with alchool, music and lots of Chinese girls; who, might I say, are much cooler than most Chinese guys.

Published on October 26, 2005