On Steve Jobs

In 2003 my friend Louis introduced me to Apple, it’s been a one way trip. It’s sometimes hard to explain to people what makes Apple’s products different; how do you explain the nuance of serif and sans-serif font, the click of a keyboard or the lightness of a Macbook Air. Of course, it’s not one of these innovations that makes Apple stand out, but rather the uncomprimising combination of them.

Yes, Apple makes consumer products for relatively wealthy people. Yes, there are bigger problems and greater issues in the world. But, Apple and its undying devotion to perfection inspired and empowered many of us to do what we do today.

It is hard to imagine I’ve much to add to what will be said. Yet, it is however as simple as this; to honour Steve Jobs and his legacy, ask yourself: What would you do with your time on earth if it were limited to 56 years.

Do that, and nothing else, and the world will be a better place.

Published on October 5, 2011