Get Mad like Howard Biel

I’ve made a point of not endorsing any political party, but to simply ask you to not vote for a Conservative government. That is why I built WhyHarperSucks and shared many articles via Twitter and Facebook. Let’s be honest, none of the party leaders have been very inspiring.

That being said, there are real issues at stake in this election and we must make a real and tangible choice with regards to our government. This brief clip from a Liberal rally is perhaps a glimps of what the leaders should be doing more of: putting their foot down and exclaiming, “Enough!”. The progression under Harper towards a socially conservative government, erosion of democracy, and partisan hackery has to stop. Take a look at this clip and then the next one from the famous movie Network, and then, get mad.


Michael Ignatieff

Howard Biel

Published on April 16, 2011