China Intro

I have now been in China for nearly three months, while this period is still quite short I feel it is sufficient to make certain observations about a society that is going full tilt. Ones’ impression of China from the west is often quite positive, a 9% GDP growth, improving quality of life, more and more openness, adoption of western attitudes, etc. Many people have identified China as the next great superpower that could rival and eventually overtake the United States in as little as 20 years, some say less. My time here has led me to be far more concerned about China’s prospects than I had ever been. I will post some brief, probably incoherent, articles on aspects of the New China. These are not meant as technical analysis of China and are more just my general impressions from reading and seeing things here. Please send me questions or comments, as I am interested in your experiences and views. Those of you who know me, realize that I come across as negative, pessimistic and euro-centric; so keep that in mind when reading these articles.

Published on July 25, 2005