Vive La France

It is the world cup final tomorrow and the unlikely match of France-Italy will provide much entertainment. My only concern is that should France win (and I am rooting for them), the entire French nation may decide that the exploits of Zidane and Les Bleus compensate for the tremendous issues facing the nation. France has many issues it refuses to face and when a politician attempts to do so, they are destroyed.

Most recently, this was seen when Domenique de Villepin was taken apart because of his proposed ammendments to the employment act. France needs to take a hard look in the mirror and decide where they want to go. I do not believe in the American system, but the French one is failing too.

In response to M. Le Pen’s comments that the French national team had too many blacks and arabs on it; M. Domenech, the French coach appropriately stated, “Vive la France, mais pas la France de M. Le Pen”.

Published on July 9, 2006