I love traveling. Here are some articles and photos from my recent trips.  


  • Costa Rica (Liberia, Monteverde and the west coast)
  • Mexico (Mexico City to Cancun via bus)
  • Canada: Chic Chocs (Québec), Raglan (Québec), Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary!
  • Barcelona, Madrid, New York City, and Paris


  • New York City
  • Baltimore


  • Poland, Hungary and France

2011: Turkey and Lebanon

2009: Trans-Mongolian Railway (Russia, Mongolia, China)

2008: Ethiopia and Northern Tanzania (7 weeks)

  • Harar, Awash National Parc and Addis Ababba: Essay |
  • Monasteries, Castles and Misty Mountains (Lake Tana, Gonder, and Simien Mountains):  Essay
  • Obelisks and Ancient Churches (Aksum, Lalibella and Tigrai in Ethiopia): Essay
  • Kilimanjaro, the plains of Tanzania, and the island of Zanzibar: Essay

2007: Israel, Jordan & The Sinai (4 weeks)

2006: Turkey (1.5 weeks)

2005: China (36 weeks)


  • Lots of Western Europe