Jonathan Brun

Feeling your way to a breast cancer cure

Over 23 000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Canada every year. While the survival rate is fairly high (87%), much pain could be avoided with early detection. In my continuing quest to help woman (see, I have devised a simple fundraising and educational device: a breast cancer sensing and awareness booth. Particpants attempt to detect tumors in artificial breasts.

The booth, shaped with female curves, will attract onlookers from far. Arriving at the booth, they step up to it and insert a dollar Рlike a vending machine. The slots protecting access to the sleeves open. The participant inserts their arms and feels two artificial breasts with a series of fake tumours in each breast. After usage, the participant must indicate the number of tumours in each breast. A paper receipt with the results, useful information on breast cancer, and ways to donate or help is then printed.

  1. The participant would insert 1$ into the booth. (A)
  2. This would open the slots (B)
  3. The participant would insert hands and arms into the sleeves. (C)
  4. The participant would feel the two fake breasts, each one with a different number of imitation cancerous tissues. (D)
  5. Participant withdraws hands from sleeves.
  6. Participant indicates how many cancerous tissues are in each breast. (E)
  7. Answers are revealed and receipt with web address and reminders is printed. (F)
  8. Shorter participants can use step (G) to place arms in sleeves.

Resources required:

Me, presenting the idea!

Published on February 15, 2011