Jonathan Brun

Agreements with Natives in Canada and Australia


The way we (Canada) treat (some of our) natives:

And the Australians:

The Australians seem set on ‘telling’ the aborigines what is good and bad. Their hard handed approach smacks of colonialism and the white man’s burden to transfer our glorious way of life to the locals.

Canada, has made significant steps to transferring genuine authority to the natives in the hopes that they will slowly develop the skill set which is required for a civil society and self-governance. We have also started giving ‘one-time’ transfers of cash and ruling out future transfers; thus, forcing the natives to become self-reliant. This is the most logical and low-cost method of dealing with the natives in Canada.

Perhaps helping their communities enter the 21st century will absolve some of the crimes we committed.

Published on August 23, 2007