Jonathan Brun

Anarchy Today

Building on the debate in the previous post. Chomsky’s dream of a “free” society is actually emerging via the internet. Just read the book Wikinomics in which the authors argue that mass collaboration is the way of the future. Some of that collaboration is free and other is paid. The point is that people are being liberated from their life commitment to a company.

With increased education, increased access to information and amazing communication tools – the socialist anarchy that Chomsky’s dream is coming true. It will take a few more years to see what really happens, but the trend towards open-source is growing exponentially.

Also, the self-regulating online communities (second life, wikipedia, linux…) are proving that humans do have an ingrained idea of right and wrong. They do not need to be taught by institutions what to do – contrary to Foucault’s assertion that the judicial system is a class control mechanism.

We have a natural desire to learn and work.

Published on August 29, 2007