In 2008, I co-founded Nimonik, a web service that helps businesses understand and manage their environmental, health, and safety and quality legal requirements in over 65 countries. We offer tools for inspecting compliance issues on your iPad, iPhone and Android device, which connects to the world’s largest database of free safety, environmental and quality checklists. We offer a number of services and work with companies across multiple sectors. Visit the site for much more information.

In 2011, I co-founded a non-profit called Open North (or Nord Ouvert) that improves Canadian democracy through online tools. James McKinney is the real brains and founder behind Open North. The organisation has built and and has more recently completed (now a platform called, the Montreal Gazette Documents database, a database of canada’s elected representatives called Represent and much more.

In February 2014, three friends and I formed a citizen’s action group to advocate for basic income in Québec. I passionately believe that basic income is the next step in creating a level playing field for all and establishing a true democracy. I hope you will read more and join us at Revenu de base Québec. P.S. I also am part of the Canadian Basic Income Network.



We are too polite. During conferences, panels and cocktail events we tend to banter about poltics and social issues, but we rarely speak the truth. When someone explains a position contrary to our own, we politely nod and respond that we disagree. We never fully respond and our lack of honesty reduces oru ability to dig to the bottom of an issue.

I therefore propose a new type of meeting, one based on the 18th century London coffee houses and the radical political clubs of the French Revolution: Fight Club politique. Logo

I founded in late 2010. To paraphrase Anna Karenina, “Happy couples are all alike, each unhappy couple is unique”. With that in mind, it seems like a service which promotes the commonalities of happy couples might help pull us towards a passing grade.  We’re on twitter, click here to follow us. Heck, we’re even on Facebook too, click here for that!

I am currently looking for a business partner for Make your Girlfriend Happy, see job ad here.

Archived Projects

In 2012, I co-founded Quebec Ouvert, a citizen initiative to encourage the provincial government of Quebec to embrace open data. Read my short launch article here and learn more at the site (french only). We are on twitter @qcouvert and at We will be working hard to bring open data to all Quebecers and your help and support is essential to making our province more accessible, transparent and competitive.

Montreal Ouvert - logo

In 2010, I co-founded Montreal Ouvert, a citizen initiative that promotes open access to civic information for the region of Montreal. You can see my launch blog post here, and find out a lot more by visiting the site. If you are interested in Open-Data and love Montréal, reach out to us at On October 27th, 2011, the city of Montreal passed an open-data policy and put in place an open-data portal – we accomplished our goal! Watch my 4 minute TEDxConcordia Talk about the initiative here. We closed it down in 2014 see post here.

Station C – For two years I helped manage and grow Station C co-working from 10 members and a 2200 sq. foot location to a new location with over 30 members and 4500 sq. feet. The co-working still operates, but I am no longer involved in management.

Strike A Light – An organization to provide sustainability curriculum to high schools. It was shutdown.

Event Chase – A site to organize and find pickup sports games in Montreal and/or Paris. It was sold.