Micro-Finance, the way of the future

Just read this book. Amazing. I cried. It is the way of the future.

Micro-Finance empowers the very poor with small loans to help them overcome their cycle of just having enough money to feed themselves, and not enough to save and invest in their activities or children.

The website www.kiva.org has just got a ton of press in the past few day (oprah, SVN…) (i just gave it more). The site allows you to directly loan small amounts of money to people around the world who are trying to improve their lives. This is taking micro-loans and opening it up even more, make the market more liquid and the community more global.

I have been watching the site for while and they seem to have a good set-up.

What I love about micro-finance is that it is based on the same logic as open-source technologies and collaborative work.

Some of the features are

Great stuff, really, run out and get the book.

Published on September 5, 2007