Keep Quebec Afforable: Introducing

by Jonathan Brun

One of the great things about Montréal and what makes its charm is the affordable housing. Our rental prices and purchase prices are significantly below those in Toronto and Vancouver. The lower prices allows Quebecers to invest their money elsewhere, in their education, startups, personal projects or even art and culture. If we need to devote too large a portion of our revenues to housing, we cannot accomplish our big projects – both personal and societal.

This is why we have launched the first version of a Lease Registry for Quebec 

To add your lease and help control housing costs in Québec, you simply need to click on the big + icon in the bottom right hand corner of the website.

This voluntary registry is not a long term solution, but we hope it will push the Québec government and the Régie du logement to act in the long term interests of Québeckers by implementing a better control of the property market.We must follow the excellent examples of Germany and Austria where affordable housing for all – both low income and middle income – has allowed their economies to invest in highly qualified labour and extremely efficient factories.

Please share this lease registry website with your social networks and send us your comments so we can continue to improve it.