Conservative Corruption

As you might have noticed, I am no fan of Harper. It’s not personal, I’m just not a fan of secrecy, manipulation and corrupt behaviour.

Today, a draft report from the Auditor General was leaked and it paints the Conservatives as band of crooks lining their friends’ pockets. Add onto that the statement by Montreal conservative candidate that conservative ridings get more money. And then, to add salt on an open wound, the Harper Conservatives used a quote that Sheila Fraser made in reference to the prior Liberal government of Canada and tried to attribute it to their G8/G20 summit (Source) (GC Parl Doc). I am not sure pathetic and amateurish cut it. This is just plain sleazy.

Don’t forget that this government was brought down on contempt of parliament, refused to hand over documents related to afghan detainee torture, fudged numbers on the F-35 fighter jets, and refused to break down the costs for their crime bill. Really Canada, would you tolerate this behaviour from your family or friends?

Published on April 11, 2011