Change of Mind

Only donkey’s don’t change their mind. In that light, I am trying to maintain a list of issues and things where I have changed my thoughts. The list is likely much longer than what I can think of here and I hope to write a blog post on each of these someday.

  1. I changed my position on prostitution. I went from supporting legalization to advocating for its abolition.
  2. I have changed my position on basic income. I went from supporting it to promoting a federal job guarantee.
  3. On Qu├ębec independence, I went from thinking it was crazy to thinking it may make sense (under certain conditions).

To be perfectly honest I have not changed my mind on that much. I still believe in the goals of creating a democratic society that lives sustainable and is focused on technological advancement with equal opportunity and support for all members of society.

Published on March 20, 2021