I am interested in many, many things. But the following causes are very dear to me.


The possibility to change institutions is only possible if we can mobilize people. To mobilize people, we need to demonstrate the true inner-workings of certain institutions – corruption, manipulation and a desire to retain power. That is why government and corporate transparency are so important.

In Canada, we are largely behind the united states and britain with regards to government transparency. Montreal in particular is behind other canadian cities, that is why I will be lending some support to pushing Montreal towards open-data. In august 2010, we started Montréal Ouvert a citizens’ action group to push for open data in Montreal. reveals important government and corporate documents to the public, they also need support. Do visit their site and support them if you can.

banksy on west bank wall

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The conflict started in the late 19th century with the influx of Jewish settlers, hoping to start a better life outside of (mainly) Europe. The flow of immigrants increased and shortly after the second world war, in 1948, the Jewish immigrants declared themselves to be an independent state, Israel. Ever since, conflict with both the local Palestinian people and neighbouring nations has threatened the lives of all involved.

Some relevant essays: The Night is Darkest before the dawn – with lots of links

Brothers in the Desert

Birthright and the Middle East – Part I Burma

Burma – Myanmar Issues

Burma, a former british colony, is now under the rule of a military Junta. The main opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyu, daughter of a military leader who overthrew the british rule, has been in and out of prison for nearly twenty years. She has struggled against the government through non-violence and has won the only democratic elections in the country. She remains under house arrest.

Some Relevant Books: La Jasmine ou La Lune – biographie sur Aung San Suu Kyu

Non-Violence – A Dangerous Idea

The Walrus | 2010.06 | “Home Free” by Karen Connelly


educationH.G. Wells once said, “Human history has become more than ever a race between education and destruction”. I firmly agree. The question has become whether we can educate the world about civil liberties, agriculture, technology, infrastructure and education fast enough to remove dictators, solve environmental problems and remove the oppression of woman and minorities.

Strike a Light – Teaching sustainability to high school children

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