Casualties of Stupidity

Sad, but good article on the dead children of Palestine in the year 5767

Also came across an article about a beautiful draft dodger in Israel. Despite what we see on the news, less wars are ocuring, and when they do, they are small. More and more people are seeing the futility of war.

No good wars, No just wars, just shades of gray wars. Every conflict can be prevented. Spare me the stupid argument of the appeasement of Hitler. In my view, WWI and WWII are essentially the same war with an interlude of technological development. If the treaty of Versailles (1919) had been properly formulated (I am not referring to reparations), WWII could have been avoided. (See Margeret MacMillans Book – The peacemakers 1919)

The wars (since 1948) in Israel did not cause serious casualties (on either side – as a percentage of the population) and are unlikely to re-occur. Though Israel bombing Syria and Lebanon is not particularly promising.

War, what is it good for? (Except stealing, appropriating and putting countries in their place)

Published on October 1, 2007