6 Facts on Stephen Harper, Prime Minister

Elections are messy business, the truth an ever moving target. Spin, spin, spin. In 2008, Stephen Harper ran on a campaign of 5 promises. His tactic of focusing on only 5 items significantly helped him communicate his message to Canadian voters. With that in mind, I decided to choose 6 important facts about Stephen Harper’s prime ministership and display them on one page, to allow Canadians to make an educated decision on his qualities as Prime Minister of Canada. The facts we chose are:

  1. Abuses Canada’s Parliament,
  2. Foreign Policy Fail,
  3. Wastes your Money,
  4. Hides the Truth,
  5. No Regard for Science, and
  6. Doesn’t defend canadian citizens.

Well, maybe more opinion than fact.

We made an effort to present these items in a tasteful and aesthetic manner, to encourage you to share the site. Far too many progressive sites veer off into crazy town; we wanted to avoid any such image. We are not endorsing any alternative party, we simply encourage you to consider Stephen Harper’s track record and what his re-election might mean for the future of Canada and your children.

The website is now archived… but you can see the content here : Why Harper Sucks, or alternatively, Why Stephen Harper is a bad Prime Minister. Read the facts, get the talking points, and decide on your own. If you agree, please share these points with your friends and family.


Published on March 30, 2011