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A Fair Country by John Ralston Saul

John Ralston Saul’s new book, a Fair Country, lays out a new framework for thinking about Canada. It makes the strong argument that our country has much more aboriginal spirit in it than we might think. The typical approach of analysing Canadian life along the French-English axis misses the third pillar, aboriginal culture.

With countries like England, France, and Germany undergoing an identity crisis, this book brings a breath or relief and a new way of looking at our own national identity. Saul argues that the european nations are built around monolithic cultures while Canada does not hesitate to embrace its diversity and does not insist on suppressing it as was done with Gaelic culture, Bretagne, Basque, and other European minorities. By adding aboriginal philosophy in our image of Canada, we see how and why we are different from the US and Europe. All Canadians should take a look at his ideas and reflect on their implications for the Canadian spirit.

A globe and mail review pretty much summarizes my feelings about the book, so I will let them speak for me.

Published on December 21, 2009

Review Giacomo sur les planchesCritique Giacomo sur les planches

sp_24132_gThe one man act entitled “Giacomo sur les planches”, playing in Paris is well worth the ticket price. The actor Giacomo plays out his childhood and first love affair with theatre. He jumps from one character to another, his friends, parents and neighbours  bringing well over 20 unique personalities to life. Each character is unique and distinct – his seamless transition between them is stunning. This play is highly recommended and for the reasonable price of 14 euros it beats any movie out there.

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More info here.sp_24132_g«Giacomo sur les planches», une petite production d’un one man show qui vaut largement le prix du billet d’entrée. L’acteur nous présente son enfance dans une banlieue de Paris, entouré d’immigrés — italiens, arabes, grecs. Mais l’histoire tourne surtout autour de  son premier coup de foudre avec le théâtre. Sa performance d’acteur est impressionnante : il joue à lui seul plus de vingt personnages différents, qu’il incarne parfaitement, rendant chacun unique et mémorable. Sa transition entre ses différents amis et membres de sa famille de son enfance est remarquable. Je vous recommande fortement d’aller voire cette petite pièce.

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Published on December 8, 2009